Researchers from the National Robotarium took part in the inaugural Scottish AI Summit, hosted by Scotland’s AI Strategy at Dynamic Earth on 30th March.

The sell-out event was organised to showcase how Scotland is delivering on its vision to become a leader in the development and use of Trustworthy, Ethical and Inclusive AI.

The National Robotarium team, led by Professor Lynne Baillie, took part in the all-day exhibition with a variety of robots on-hand to demonstrate the breadth of robotics and AI science being explored at the world-leading facility, which opens later this year.

National Robotarium exhibition stand with selection of robots

Robots on display included ARI, Nao, SPOT and the Toyota Human Support Robot

Professor Baillie said: “We were thrilled to take part – and sponsor – the first ever Scottish AI Summit, and help support Scotland’s AI Strategy in driving the national agenda to build trust in AI technologies.

“At the National Robotarium we’re committed to advancing robotics science and engineering, and want to show people that, as well as being fun and engaging, there is huge potential for robots and artificial intelligence to positively impact healthcare, safety, productivity, and our lives as a whole.

“Getting to demonstrate that to a sell-out audience, and being able to connect with Scotland’s thriving network of data and technology professionals, government leaders and educators, was a fantastic opportunity.”

Also in attendance was Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy, Kate Forbes MSP, who delivered the keynote address and officially launched the Scottish Government’s new guide to use of artificial intelligence in Scotland. The Scottish AI Playbook is being developed as a practical and living resource that will enable Scottish businesses to effectively utilise AI to drive growth and innovation.