Innovators, healthcare experts, students and scientists are to converge for a special 5-day hackathon event, focused on shaping solutions for better independent living.

Hosted at the National Robotarium by the Heriot-Watt University CARE (Cognitive Assistive Robotic Environments) Group from 16-20 October, the event offers a unique opportunity to test and develop emerging technologies, including cloud, robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) equipped with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, for health and social care. Applications can include non-intrusive monitoring of health status and vital signs, detecting patterns and trends in behaviour, triaging, facilitating communication and social-connectedness, and generally supporting general self-management of health and wellbeing.

Working in teams, students in different disciplines, such as robotics, engineering, computer science, nursing, medicine, psychology and business, will develop new and innovative concepts that can address challenges for healthcare providers and people who require assisted living support. Throughout the week, end-users, academics, technologists and care providers can assess the progression of each idea and provide feedback in real-time.

The Mashup will also host a number of talks and product development sessions from technical providers on topics including APIs and sensor kits, ethics and cybersecurity, and live robot demonstrations in the Laboratory for Robotic Assistive living (LARA)

Those interested in attending can find out more at the CARE Group website. Online registration is available via Eventbrite.