The National Robotarium have joined forces with ServiceKey, a UK-based digital technology start-up.

Through the utilisation of ServiceKey’s Perpetual Innovation™ AI-empowered toolset, the National Robotarium will benefit from enhanced project solution development, reducing time and cost, and identifying otherwise hidden alternative solutions. The facility will also work with ServiceKey personnel on joint activities using the ServiceKey methodologies to enhance live projects with industry partners and customers.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Robotarium, Stewart Miller said: “This close collaboration between The National Robotarium and ServiceKey opens up a world of possibilities for the robotics and AI industry.

“By combining our research knowledge and expertise with ServiceKey’s dynamic methodologies, we have the opportunity to reshape the future and realise the true potential of these technologies.”

Chief Operating Officer, Steve Maclaren said: “This partnership with ServiceKey is a key element of our Digital Enterprise, allowing The National Robotarium to remain at the forefront of the latest technologies and methodologies across all elements of our organisation.”

The partnership will empower The National Robotarium and ServiceKey to drive innovation across a broad range of sectors, including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and more.

Co-Founder of ServiceKey, Mark Conyers said: “We are proud to collaborate with the National Robotarium on such a ground-breaking endeavour, supporting them through rapid Concept Creation and Solution Design.”

ServiceKey Co-Founder Neil Bramwell said: “This partnership not only aligns with our shared vision for the future, but it also highlights our commitment to delivering solutions of unparalleled quality, fostering innovation, and driving transformative change across industries.”