To mark Scottish Careers Week (7-11 November 2022), organised by Scotland’s national skills body Skills Development Scotland, we’re shining a spotlight on the National Robotarium’s industry and schools engagement delivery strand, which focuses on accelerating the development of talent and skills in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Part of this includes engaging with businesses to upskill, or reskill, their workforce to improve understanding of robotic systems and the practical skills required to operate them, as well as building future skills and encouraging young people from a wide range of backgrounds to consider a career in robotics, data, or AI.

This involves forming strong links with schools, colleges and other educational institutions or organisations and raising awareness of the real-world benefits robotic technologies will bring to different industries and societies in the near-future.

Leading this work are Industry and Schools Engagement leads Sabaht Bashir and Blair Wilson (pictured above alongside Robot Engineer Hari Lakshman), who have shared their thoughts on inspiring the next generation of roboticists.

Sabaht Bashir

“My job is to raise awareness of Robotics and AI and to show the opportunities and careers available.

“I believe that Robotics and AI is for everyone with many different roles. It is a career where you can be creative, learn new transferable skills and develop knowledge for the future.

“Robots are the future after all!”

Blair Wilson

“My role at The National Robotarium is dedicated to ensuring those who want to be the problem solvers of tomorrow have every opportunity to do so through the adoption of skills in Robotics and AI.

“At the National Robotarium, we focus on solving the problems of tomorrow with innovative ideas and technology. We have all sorts of people working here. Some are creative, some are critical thinkers, some are leaders but most importantly they are ALL curious!”

If you want to learn more about building skills, or reskilling, in robotics, data and AI, you can get in touch with the team at or by completing our contact form.